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The Dress Down Collection included: Super Stars, Cloud Movements, Kinky Kolors, Loverly (called Peasantries the next year), Shortcuts, Dandy Denims, Frontier Gear, and Lemon Hang-up. These were sold on teal-blue cards.

Super sweet would be any doll wearing Super Stars!

This outfit is Cloud Movements.

Kinky Kolors was sold with a small bundle of yarn hair-ties, impossible to find, unless you de-MIP an outfit. Therefore, our precious little model is sporting some hand-made hair ties, scaled in size just for the 15" dolls.

Lovely in Loverly, this outfit changes names the next production year. On the right you will see a pale Velvet doll that hails from Australia (a typical problem with dolls from Oz is inferior vinyl causing them to fade badly). She is wearing a version of Loverly that was sold "down under."

Collectors love Shortcuts!

The advanced collector will find that Dandy Denims was sold with two different types of jeans. The iron-on decals were the same, but one will be dark navy blue and the other is a light "denim" with a bleached effect. The hair items are original to the outfit.

Every collector MUST find Frontier Gear complete. That little felt turtle purse is unbelievably CUTE! The hair-ties are original to the outfit.

Lemon Hang-up came with different types of vests. Note the detail in the shot above.

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All text and photography, January, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin