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Now we find ourselves in 1973. Velvet et al had these outfits in the final collection called Crissy and Velvet Sweet 'N Lovely Collection.

They are: Peasantries (from 1972, but then it was called Loverly), Dandy Denims, Blouson Battle, Strawberry Smock, Pulled Together, and Smocked. Yes, you noticed correctly! Peasantries and Dandy Denims are reissues. Here are the four new ones for 1973:

Curiously, Blouson Battle came in several different colors. The print is always the same, but the background colors vary. Some colors are: yellow, orange, lavender, or teal blue. The top stitching on the white jeans changes as well, to match the blouson top. The hair clip on the left is not original to the outfit.

Strawberry Smock is adorable! It came with rather sheer matching panties.

I included this detail shot of the varying sleeves that can be found on Pulled Together.

Mia looks read for a day at the beach in Smocked!

Velvet and her friends could buy shoes to match their outfits in blister-packed cards.

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All text and photography, January, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin