In Wyoming we love,
Our wild open sky.
Visit our cattle ranch,
And then you will know why.

It's here where I live,
A strong, grateful daughter,
Of a generous man,
My beloved, old father.

A gift from him,
A large, sparkly ring,
I love Father so much,
He gives me everything.

I carry a rope,
To wrestle lost dogies,
As good as the farmhands,
Those silly old fogies!

We have plenty coyotes,
So I holster a pistol.
My aim's sure and true,
I am not made of crystal.

In the morning I rise,
To go riding the fences.
I'll make the repairs,
The air filling my senses.

In the summer the sun,
Freckles my nose.
But during the winter,
The cold wind blows.

Yes, life here is good,
I do miss my mother.
Come see for yourself,
This is life like no other.

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