How's Crissy's Make-up? Hmmm...not good??? Try this!!!

Dolls manufactured by the Ideal Toy Company were very well made. Not very often will one find a Crissy family doll with bad face paint. If you do, try repainting with a very small detail paint brush and Apple Barrel or Plaid (brands) all-purpose acrylic paint. I mix enough "fabric medium" with it to make the paint thin and runny. This product is available in the same section of your favorite department store or craft store. Admittedly, it takes alot of practice to repaint faces. That is the beauty of acrylic paints. They wash off easily before they dry. After they dry, use a soft toothbrush and a bit of Softscrub-type cleanser to remove it. Also, the fabric medium increases the adhesive quality of the paint, making it quite tough after it has dried.

Reblushing is easy...if your doll has NO blush at all. Wash her little cheeks first. Get all the grime and skin oils from your hands off with a cleansing product such as dish washing liquid or Resolve carpet cleaner. After it has dried sufficiently, blush with a small blusher brush and a hot rosy pink powder blush with NO mica in the ingredients. The mica causes a sparkly effect that does not look good. Hot pink (and I'm currently using Hot Plum from the Vanity Fair line for women of color) looks remarkably original to the doll. Eventually, the plasticizer in the vinyl will absorb the pigment found in the blush and it will become permanent. Cream blusher, in the same hot pink color will also work. It will take about 60-90 days for it to become sufficiently absorbed into the vinyl.

If the doll still has some original cheek blush, remove it with non-acetone nail polish remover. Wash her face well with soap and water and let it dry sufficiently before proceeding with the blush application.

Have fun!

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Text June, 2005, by Beth-Ellen Colvin