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This cool six-sided case shows a 1972 Look Around Crissy on the front and....

....a 1972 Look Around Velvet on the back.

On the side with Crissy on the front, this is what the inside looks like.

On the side with Velvet on the front, this is what the inside looks like. This case is a bit harder to find.

The Luggage Sets

The 1971 Sears Wish Book called this set the Miss Tressy Look-Alikes. One could order a wig that replicated Tressy's look with short "foundation" hair and a long switch of hair. Additionally, the luggage set was sold individually. One could purchase the fringed shoulder bag, the hat box, a train case or a vanity case. Each item was sold in a box.

Here is the set as it appeared in the 1971 Sears Wish Book.

Above: A nice example of a mint in shipping carton Hat Box.

The label on the box shows the origination of this piece.

The vanity was sold with brush, comb, talc, hand lotion, ponytail holder, a hair bow and a tissue pack. It had two compartments to hold other odds and ends.

Additionally, the 1972 Sears Wish Book made the Miss Tressy Vanity case available for this year. None of the other pieces in the collection are shown.

This Miss Tressy Vanity Case has a sticker on it from an actual toy store (not Sears)! It came from the Toy Fair toy store, with the seller stating that she "purchased this at the Toy Fair store in St Louis (Florrisant) circa 1980. It is exactly as (I) purchased it." As you now know, this case was originally sold by Sears as an exclusive in 1971. The fact that it appeared in a toy store means that it was old stock that Sears sold off at wholesale to liquidate the extra, unsold cases. The Toy Fair sold it for $3.99. That is not what *I* paid for it! (I wish!)

On the left side is the talc and lotion, still full and smelling sweet! It's very floral. Under that, in the compartment is the pink flocked bow and ball-ended ponytail holder.

On the right side is the hot pink brush and comb. The compartment on this side also opens.

Here is a tight shot of the accessories.

The 1972 Miss Crissy and Miss Velvet Luggage sets were meant for the little girl's use instead of the dolls' use. The set included a hat box, train case and a long handled shoulder bag. Each piece was sold separately, shrink-wrapped and tagged.

Miss Crissy purse photo courtesy Cathy Seevers, Indiana (thank YOU Cathy!).

Non-Ideal Cases

Miner Industries sold two cases in the early 70's that could be found in discount department stores and also in the 1972, 1973, 1974 and 1975 Wards toy catalogs.

These cases were rather large and held one doll, clothes on hangers and it also had a compartment for incidentals. They are not very well-made.

Here is the page from the 1973 Miner Industries catalog, the company that made them.

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All text and photography, January, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin